The Martingale Strategy for Roulette

When you first come across the Martingale strategy you’ll probably think ‘wow this could work’. It’s entirely understandable, the system is entirely plausible and can seem like a magic solution for making money. IN fact on many of the web sites that is exactly how Martingale is portrayed, a magical system hidden in the depths of time.

So what is Martingale?
The system is actually very simple and in many ways perfectly logical. You simply choose an even money bet – say red on a roulette wheel and place your bet. If you win, then you walk away with your profit but if you lose then you double your next stake. You keep this pattern until you win, that is double your stake on each loss and walk away immediately on a winning spin.

The idea is that you are guaranteed to make at least a small profit in each sequence that you play – double your stake to recoup you losses until you win. It kind of works mathematically, after all when you do hit a winning spin your return will recover all your losses.

The problem is that it is in the real world that this falls apart, as you can also read in How to Win Every Time With Martingale there are several very important points as to why you’ll probably fail using this system.

The first factor are betting limits, every casino both online and real world has a table maximum bet. The minute your ‘double stake’ goes over this limit i.e. you can’t double your stake – Martingale falls apart. The second point is slightly related the fact that this system requires an almost limitless bank roll, even a modicum of bad luck will create the need for enormous bets being placed to satisfy the system.

The reality is that although it kind of sounds plausible, Martingale is hugely risky. A losing streak of even a few spins can become enormously expensive and the required stake can become huge very quickly, the profit remains very small. The casinos don’t ban Martingale because they don’t need to, it doesn’t work. Of course just like any game you could be lucky and just win, however you can also do this by placing normal random bets on the table – it’s also potentially safer.