Why Not Try Something Different – Baccarat

Baccarat Think of baccarat and what image comes to mind? Big hills of hundred dollar bills? Tall suntanned dealers in snappy black tuxes? A private little casino with an elegant softly-lit sign that whispers BACCARAT? A big security guard standing next to the velvet rope? “Move along, buddy.” “But officer, l was just—” “Move along,

Basic Blackjack Betting Strategies

It’s true that Blackjack offers potentially the best odds of any game that you’ll find in a casino. However the odds fluctuate greatly depending on how you play the game. Unfortunately many players actually increase the odds against them by using illogical playing patterns. However lets remember that even the worse player can get lucky

So How Does Online Blackjack Work ?

Blackjack is of course, a game of both chance and skill. Sometimes the best players will lose and the most hopeless will be unbeatable. So of course, the chance element is crucial and that’s the most important part of internet based casino games such as Bodog online roulette or blackjack.  When it comes to internet

Blackjack – Number of Decks

Knowing the number of decks is important in any game of Blackjack as it’s a crucial factor which can alter both the odds and any potential tactics.  When you visit a casino it should be quite simple to identify how many decks are being used, or of course you can simply ask the dealer. However

The Martingale Strategy for Roulette

When you first come across the Martingale strategy you’ll probably think ‘wow this could work’. It’s entirely understandable, the system is entirely plausible and can seem like a magic solution for making money. IN fact on many of the web sites that is exactly how Martingale is portrayed, a magical system hidden in the depths

Winning at Blackjack – Knowledge

A successful gambler once said to me You won’t win at something if you don’t understand it It sounds a stupid and obvious thing to say but if you walk around any of the big casinos in Vegas and stop and watch some Blackjack you’ll quickly discover it’s advice not heeded by everyone. Blackjack is

Play Blackjack Online

Out of all the casino games, Blackjack is the one that relies most heavily on the player’s skill and not just luck.  The simple fact is that Blackjack either played online or in a casino offers much more element of choice whilst you play. There is no doubt that skill plays a huge part in