Becoming a Professional Poker Player

How do you improve your poker? Well some serious players try and go behind the scenes and gather insight to the life of professional poker players before they even try. Mainly it’s worth focusing on the tactics and mental strengths of these players. There is little doubt that the game of poker and the lifestyle of it’s professional players has risen in profile over the last few years as the media start to cover this as a realistic potential source of employment. It also helps that the life of poker players and their options for tournaments has improved over the last few years.

The casino press is often asked for advice by interested poker players toying with the fantasy of beginning a career as a professional poker player. It’s difficult to give answers, as most really just seek affirmation and have already made their mind up. That is they are going to become a professional poker player and just want validation of their decision. It is one thing to play poker, but quite another to stop your work and commence as a professional in the world of poker where winning means paying the bills or not.

Of being a player, there are of course benefits of playing poker in casinos and on-line. Being your very own boss obviously appeals to many. It’s of course a slightly unusual way to go self employed but a perfectly legitimate one and it’s actually a  lifestyle that suits many.You may come and go and your hours are your decision and in the down periods you can shoot off for cheap last minute holidays.

Working peacefully in your own home and sitting silently while working in your own pace is a fantastic option to getting up to fulfill for deadlines and work. In addition, it’s completely your choice about your location. Where you would like to play making the entire world your possible workplace. Some consider the web a sort of brand new poker table – and there are many people who have abandoned jobs in big companies to devote themselves to the game of poker.

If you ask any professional gambler, make sure you ask them  about how they got started. Often you’ll find that they have toyed with the idea about choosing a lifestyle as a professional poker player for several years.  Most will have had fun playing casually and would seem like a logical next step.  However it’s become much easier since the onset of online tournaments and the internet.  The Internet has really opened the chance to play poker, when it suits people,  for most starter players then the internet is their preferred table. To be a full time poker play with is off course not always fun. Whenever you play with 10 hours a week, it may quickly spoil a previously fun hobby.

But when you play 40 hours or more a week in front of your computer, you can quickly change your attitude towards the game. Many people can’t believe they can get tired of playing poker not at all! The truth is that you begin to see the game as work, when you use so much time to play.  However there is actually a lot of variety where you can play, the online choice is huge. Obviously you need to follow the big tournaments but there are many other options too. I spent last week playing at a live online casino in Dublin which I found online after someone recommended it. The casino has a live feed so you can feel like you’re playing alongside the people there.

But I suppose that’s the way with most things? There is only so much variety any given profession can offer. So professionals all over the world do get bored and used to the game, mind you it’s often why they can appear quite serene and calm in the game.

So are there any good advice to players, who’ve the courage to make the transition? My advice to others considering the start as a pro poker player is: consider if you can manage into sit at front of your computer or in poker tables all around the world for several years ahead. It’s a simple and slightly obvious question but if you can’t answer it with a resounding yes, then it’s not the profession for you.  Before you take such a drastic step why not find your self a free casino game online somewhere and just play for a few hours every night for a week or two.   Be honest with yourself and consider if you could keep this up for the years to come.

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  1. I’d be careful about considering this career!!! I am a keen poker player and briefly tried to turn it into my full time job. It didn’t work well, the pressure to play and win all the time is immense and what’s worse it stops being enjoyable. I didn’t lose lots of money, but I didn’t really earn enough to support myself and quit playing poker completely after 12 months.

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